Selling your home in today's market is a challenge for all homeowners, including those trying to sell his or her home as a short sale. As Memphis Short Sale Agents, our success rate is currently 94% and we strive to set our clients up for success.. The definition of success for our clients is to minimize the financial damage to creditworthiness and provide a dignified exit strategy to the hardship the existing mortgage has become. With this in mind, not every homeowner can qualify for our short sale program.

Take our quiz to identify if you are ready to commit to the process of completing a short sale of your home.  It is worth it in the long run.

I, as seller of the property  agree to the following:

  • To keep the subject property in good showing condition including, but not limited to, keeping all utilities on through close of escrow.  Although we understand there is usually not much money available to do necessary repairs, a thorough cleaning only requires a few cleaning supplies and a lot of elbow grease.  You home must be able to compete with other homes on the market. 
  • To submit written authorization signed by tenant (if applicable) allowing a lockbox on the property, showings with one-hour notice, and agreement to vacate the property within two weeks from delivery of Agreement Notice.
  • To respond to all Buyer Agent requests for showings within six hours.
  • To deliver any requested items, including contract and updated financials within thirty-six hours of request to my Listing Agent.
  • That no items considered a fixture will be removed from home after home is listed.
  • That I/we will contact Suzanne White upon receipt of any communication from my/our lender(s) with regards to anything other than standard collections.
  • That I/we will notify Suzanne White immediately if I receive anything with regards to a foreclosure sale date on my property.
  • In the event that I am asked by Suzanne White to contact my lender, I/we will do so within twenty-four hours of that request.
  • To respond to any phone calls or emails from the Title Company within twenty-four hours.
  • To notify Suzanne White of any changes in property status including, but not limited to, vacating the home, going out of town while the home is occupied, any changes in tenant status.
  • To allow BPO Agent, Appraiser, and Inspector access within twenty-four hours of request.